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✔  Company Loss Runs

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Quoting Procedures

Upon receipt of a completed application from an agent, the information will be reviewed to determine if CIP can offer a quote. We reserve the right to decline quoting to any agent or decline any single risk. Under no circumstances are we obligated to offer a quote.

CIP can offer a quote based only on a completed application. Once a quote is offered it may not be bound unless accepted formally in writing by an CIP underwriter.

We are not bound to bind a quote if the underwriter has reason to believe the risk has changed since the written quote was offered. Additionally, CIP is not required to bind the written quote if the conditions provided have not been met. Quotes are usually valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified on the quote sheet.

Binding & Assignment

It is the agent’s responsibility to represent their client and review all detailed information offered in the quote. In most cases, CIP may not be able to offer certain coverages requested in the original application. CIP never extends binding authority to its agents, nor should limits be added or decreased without prior authorization from CIP. We may or may not have the authority to do so without first obtaining permission from the insurance carrier. Policies cannot be assigned to another agent without an official Broker of Record authorization.

Forms Signed & Returned

Policies may be delivered with certain forms that must be signed by the Insured and returned to CIP. These forms are provided in the policy as well, and become part of the policy. It is important that the agent have the Insured sign and return these forms promptly to avoid the circumstances of a policy cancellation notice being sent.


Claims are to be reported to CIP using proper Acord Claim forms. Please Note: Some carriers require direct reporting from insured. Contact our office for details.

Upon receipt of the claim report, CIP will promptly forward the information to the party handling the claim for the carrier. The carrier will then contact the insured for any additional information needed.

Please submit ACORD claim forms via fax. Lawsuits or claims with large amounts of documentation should be sent by overnight carrier.

Please contact CIP if you require additional information regarding claims.

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Insurance Tools and Resources

At Commonwealth Insurance Partners, LLC we have assembled a number of insurance-related tools & resources for the use of our clients. For additional information or clarification, please speak with a member of our team. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.

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Insurance Forms Library

We have compiled a library of the most useful insurance forms for you to easily download. These documents have been added for your convenience and may be viewed, downloaded and printed at any time.
All documents are in pdf file format.

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